The logiJET TC8 Just got Better

Microplex logiJET TC8, the two color 8 inch wide Thermal transfer printer aimed at the GHS market which was already best in its class has now just got even better.
Best in its class means: robust, fast, reliable and easy to use.

But even the best can be improved. With some minor and major modifications the logiJET TC8 is better than ever.

The new large and bright touch panel provides the best usability and overview about the printing process.

The front cover is now made of steel for even more industrial usage.
The new illuminated 2 x 3.5 inch color touch panel at the front of the logiJET TC8 is perfectly visible from longer distances in order to inform the operator about the printer status and condition.

Normal condition is indicated by a green background illumination. If operator action is needed, the background turns red.

The operating buttons are large and easy to use. All in all a great improvement of usability.

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