Laser printer replacement

A Microplex printer for every application, for every system, for every situation

Sooner or later, every continuous laser printer will come to its end of life.

After it comes to officially “end of life” and the then reasonably long availability of consumables and spare parts there is a need for action.

It is then no longer possible to keep these printing systems in operation.

Finding a compatible replacement printer is often difficult.


True plug and play with Microplex continuous printers

Here, Microplex offers solutions that allow your application to be continued 1:1 with state of the art printing technology without having to change your application. In most cases, Microplex printers, in contrast to old printing systems, offer higher print quality, higher print speeds, and a better price / performance ratio. The basis for the realization is the functionality of Microplex own printer language IDOL as well as over 30 further, available emulations.

For the different requirements regarding printing speed and monthly printing volume, Microplex offers flexible and tailor made solutions:

SOLID F4016 inch material width, 600 dpi, 40 A4 pages / minute
SOLID 60E-2  16-inch material width, 600 dpi, 60 A4 pages / minute
SOLID 85E18 inch stock width, 600 dpi, 85 A4 pages / minute
SOLID F14018 inch material width, 600 dpi, 140 A4 pages / minute
SOLID 166E18 inch stock width, 600 dpi, 172 A4 pages / minute

Ideal applications:

  • Replacement for Printronix® L7032, IBM® Infoprint 3000, IBM® Infoprint 4000, IBM® Infoprint 6500, IBM® Infoprint 100, IBM® Infoprint 75, OCE® Variostream and SOLID 32E
  • Replacement for Okidata® ML series, DASCOM®, Printek®, or Compuprint® printer

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