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Reglamento de garantía / Warranty regulations

General Terms and Conditions

Microplex printers are supplied with a one year parts warranty that runs from the dispatch date.

2nd and 3rd year parts warranty options are only valid if a Microplex approved technician has untaken the installation and the service. The extended warranty must reflect the annual recommended print volume or usage defined in the technical datasheet, i.e over or heavy usage will invalidate the warranty. For purchasing the warranty expansion after the order or installation of a printer we need a current status sheet and a completed RMA form. Purchasing extended warranty is possible within 2 weeks after installation but at latest 4 weeks after invoicing.

– Extended warranty can also be purchased for optional hardware parts as long as these parts are not wear parts (e.g. cutter LOGIJET T6-2)

It is further agreed that a decision made by Microplex is binding regarding warranty issues. The parts warranty only covers parts not listed as «consumables/PRU parts and PRS parts» in this price list (i.e. parts with a designated lifespan) and are priced per year, i.e. if the 2nd and 3rd year warranty is taken the price charged is the two amounts added together. Warranty is based on the normal machine expected usage, for expected high usage please ask your Microplex contact before applying these values.

The parts warranty guarantees free replacement delivery (in exchange for the defective parts) of any parts that are not listed as «Consumables / PRU parts» or «PRS Parts» that are indicated as such in the price list and any part whose function is impaired due to out of specification media or non-use of Microplex parts being used on the machine.

Consumables, PRU parts and PRS parts are not covered by the guarantee scheme because the life of these parts is highly application-dependent and therefore cannot be guaranteed. The standard warranty on the Microplex print controller is five years from the delivery date of the printer subject to normal usage, it is not guaranteed against power fluctuations that are not filtered before reaching the machine e.g. lightning strikes, power peaks etc.

Before returning any defective part to Microplex a return authorisation number (RAN) must be obtained.
A RAN form with this number will then be supplied so that a description of the defect can be made and the part can be returned complete with the form.

An error description such as «defective» is not sufficient, please describe in detail the specific error that as occurred and attach print samples, information on the printer setting (status page) and some the material used. Also please supply Microplex the serial number of the printer. The status page will also determine the amount of usage, if this is outside of the recommended monthly usage it will invalidate the claim. Any parts returned without a RMA number will not be processed. Defective parts for warranty repair can be delivered to Microplex Varel free of charge and will be replaced under the warranty, and returned to the customer without delivery charge. Mechanical damage due to external causes are not covered by warranty!


Any parts that are delivered in advance of replacement parts, after testing it shows as not being defective, the cost of returned and exchanged part will be calculated in advance and invoiced accordingly. The fixed charge for the testing of not defective parts is a flat rate of net 80.00 Euros. Further that any new parts that are returned that look suspicious will be examined to ensure their reliability for the fixed charge of net 80.00 Euros. Also the return must be made within 10 days, late returns will not be accepted.

Normal orders cannot be subsequently converted into a warranty request!



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