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A4 / 8 inch printing module PM-T8

Thanks to its compact design, high stability and the Microplex multi-intelligence controller that can process complex data streams and offer a perfect interface to the system the PM-T8 8 inch printing module offers the perfect solution. The development of the PM-T8 module has been made possible by Microplex’s experience from many years of producing industrial thermal printers.

The module can be configured for high-quality thermal transfer printing or direct thermal printing as well as been able to synchronise with production upstream and downstream plants with SPS control (programmable GPIO interface with the PLC). With the Microplex PM-T8 print module, you will be able to realize the professional and fully integrated printing for your system in the timescales required to meet your needs. 

Perfect for:

The datasheet for the print module can be found here

Microplex have developed this modular printing system for seamless integration into logistic systems. Especially in solutions where a print width up to A4 is required

Modular design - high flexibility

The modular concept allows the integrator a high degree of freedom in the design of the planned installation. The printing system consists of several modules. These individual modules allow very flexible positioning within the overall solution.

The printing system essentially consists of the following modules:

  • A4 thermal transfer/thermal direct printing unit
  • Microplex Multi-Intelligence-Controller
  • Adapter Board
  • Power adapter
  • Monochrome Control panel (optional)

Thermal transfer/direct thermal printing unit

The thermal transfer/direct thermal printing unit is of a robust, compact construction and is intelligently designed. The print head mechanism is designed in such a way that it can be unlocked and lifted up therefore giving easy access, hence making it very convenient for loading the media. This increases operational reliability and speeds up the changing process i.e. a label and ribbon reload is very simple, since all the components are easily accessible, complicated threading of the material is no longer required

The 300dpi print head and precise mechanism ensure a high-quality, consistent output with speeds up to 8 inches per second.

Microplex Multi-Intelligence Controller

The Microplex multi-intelligence controller and the adapter board provides the intelligence and the computing power for a high-performance printing operation. The 400 MHz RISC processor will process even complex data at a high speed. This printing system is ideally equipped for just-in-time printing solutions. If the print data is only available when the label is needed, the Microplex Multi-Intelligence Controller ensures immediate printing at the highest speed.

The Microplex multi-intelligence controller understands all possible printer languages. This makes a smooth connection to all data sources easy. No matter whether an IBM computer, host system or Windows environment, a direct integration is possible for example from a SAP source it can be easily implemented without effort and additional costs.


Further information about your possibilities in plant engineering with Microplex printers can be found here!


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