When security standards and top printing performance really matters, the SOLID 52A4 MICR professional laser printer is the perfect choice: the first page is printed in less than 6 seconds and this model boasts printing speeds of up to 52 pages per minute. It combines the highest level of reliability with versatile paper handling capabilities and meeting all relevant security requirements. Optional face-up output and the GPIO (SPS control) option provide with the unique Microplex controller supplying the intelligence for the best prerequisites for integrating the printer in existing system environments. Unlike the standard modell, the SOLID 52A4 MICR can only be operated with MICR toner to meet highest security needs for cheque printing and other securtiy relevant documents.

Ideal for:

  • Security relevant documents / cheque printing
  • Paper exit face-up and face-down
  • printing with different emulations (PCL5, IPDS, ...)
  • Perfect substitution for matrix printer


  • Printing of cheques with MICR toner
  • Equipped with MICR toner for highest security standards
  • Optional WIFI and PDF direct print
  • Duplex printing standard
  • SAP and AS/400 compatible
  • Flexible extension options for paper feed and tray
  • Perfect control via GPIO / Status-Out

What is the difference between the SOLID 52A4 MICR and the standard model?

In contrast to the standard model, the SOLID 52A4 MICR can only be operated with MICR toner to meet the highest safety requirements for check printing and other safety-relevant documents. All other features and options that are available for the standard model are also available for the MICR model.

For more information on features such as optional document output in face-up mode, communication with PLC-controlled systems using GPIO or the optional addition of paper trays, see SOLID 52A4.

More information

Lineprinter Replacement with SOLID 52A4

Why should some line printers or line printers be replaced with a SOLID 52A4 cut-sheet laser printer?

There are applications that can be operated much more efficiently with a Microplex single-sheet laser printer than is possible with an continuous dot-matrix printer.

You can find further information here!



  • Technical details
    Print technology

    Laser, OPC
    heat / pressure


    MPC 7.1

    Print speed

    up to 52 pages/minute (A4)(A4)
    first page: approx. 5,9 s

    Print resolution

    max. 600 dpi x 600 dpi

    Duty cycle

    up to 50.000 pages (A4)
    (based on a using period of 60 months)
    max. 250.000 pages(A4)

    Power supply

    220-240 V /50/60 Hz

    Power consumption

    700 W (Sleep Mode: 4,2 W )

    Dimensions (WxDxH in mm)

    428 x 511 x 442


    ca. 26 kg (incl. consumables)


    < 57 dB(A)

    Environment temperature

    10 - 32°C

    Relative humidity

    8 - 80 % (rel., non condensing)


    10/100 MBit, bi-directional (TCP/IP)


    Factory Option
    IEEE 1284 (Centronics)

    RS232, RS422
    WIFI IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, WEP (64 bit and 128 bit) encryption


    RAM:  1024 MB
    Flash: 32 GB

    MPC 7.1


    MICROPLEX IDOL, HP-PCL5/ HPGL, AGFA Reno, μ-Postscript, LN03+, BULL-MP6090, Datamax, Etimark MP-1220, TEC Bx72, TEC B6xx, LDC, ZPLII, EPL 2, Intermec Direct Protocol, IER Command, cab, Godex EZPL, Diablo 630, IBM Proprinter, EPSON FX-80 (ESC/P), MT-600/MT40, IDS, ANSI Genicom, TIFF, HP Designjet, XML (SAP SAP® RFID), CUPS Raster, RFM

    Optional Emulations

    CODE-V (Magnum), XEROX XES, KODESCRIPT+, Prescribe/PSB 2, IGP-10, IGP/PGL, Labelpoint, Barcode 2, IPDS, AEA, AFP, Status-Out, PDF Direct Printing*,
    (more emulations of request)


    Codebar, Code39, MSI, PDF417, Interleaved 2/5, Interleaved 2/5 (3-Stroke Datalogic), Interleaved 2/5 (3-Stroke Matrix), EAN-8, 13, 128, Add-On-Codes, Code11, Code93, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E

    Optional Barcodes

    USD-5, Maxi-Code, QR Code, Aztec-Code, Datamatrix
    (more barcodes on request)

    Additional functions

    Network capabilities
    authentication standard IEEE 802.1x

    Intelligent barcode generation
    on-the-fly in the printer

    Format splitting
    in several subformats by command

    Integrated form management
    flash memory for forms and fonts inside the printer

    Optional functions

    gives notice of each correctly printed page via interface. Further features can be found in the manual.

    Programmable GPIO-Interface (SPS-Control)

    EMBEDDED INTELLIGENCE – Enabling two-way communication between printer and a PLC.
    Integration of the printer into production lines is possible, controlled by GPIO-interface
    Customer / Application specific modifications possible. Further features can be found in the manual.

    Printable Media

    A6 up to A4,
    Special formats


    60-203 g/m²
    Duplex: 60-203 g/m²


    Supported MICR fonts
    MICR E-13B, MICR CMC-7


    Cassette 1: 550 sheets (Ax to A4) 75 g/m²


    550 sheets (75 g/m²) tray
    550 sheets (75 g/m²) lockable tray
    up to 4 x 550 sheet trays usable


    3 x 550 sheet trays
    plus 1 x 2100 sheet tray (75 g/m²)
    Caster Base for 2100 sheet tray needed


    550 sheets (75 g/m²)


    Output expander 500 sheets (75 g/m²)
    Face-up option


    Other options

    Caster Base (only necessary for 2100 sheet tray)
    Spacer (non fuctioning input tray to elevate the printer)

  • Downloads

* Only available from MPC 3.4, MPC 7.1 and MPC 8.x

The brand names referred to are the registered trademarks of the respective companies. Technical data is subject to change. The information contained in this specification sheet refers exclusively to the described details and not to warranted characteristics. No guarantee is assumed. The information do not exempt from the obligation for inspection of each respective individual case.


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