IDOL – The page command language of Microplex

IDOL allows Microplex printing systems to perform to their utmost capacity in terms of flexibility,
speed, and reliability. SOLID, RAPID and LOGIJET printer features function best when they are controlled through IDOL.

Keeping data transfer to a minimum is a big part of efficient printer operation.
IDOL is designed with this in mind. IDOL’s compact syntax of Double Escape Sequences followed
by a command identifier (and by additional parameters when necessary) reduces transferred data significantly.
With IDOL, traffic in ports, lines, and networks remains low, allowing for maximum speed for all IT operations.
IDOL is a living language.

Microplex R&D adds and alters functions and commands
based on customer input and internal review. Because the language was designed to support
innovations and improvement, such additions can be made using simple, straightforward methods.

IDOL’s use of the so-called „transparent code“ makes it possible to replace an „ESC“ by printable ASCII-characters.
This is beneficial because it is often difficult to enter ESCAPE commands from a keyboard.
IDOL’s transparent code makes it easy. The code can be sent from any computing unit.
IDOL can be divided into several function groups:

Commands affecting the whole print job, such as selecting the feeder, setting duplex print mode, or numbering the pages.

Commands affecting text design, such as selecting fonts, setting margins and print orientation, or spacing lines.

Graphic Kernel System, which indicates commands that generate vector graphics such as lines, grids, and circles.

Bar code:     
IDOL bar code functions generate commands for all commonly used industrial bar codes (such as 2/5 interleaved, Code 128,PDF 417, Aztec and QR-Code). With IDOL, the user produces bar codes by entering only the bar code’s parameters, rather than scanning in an image. This keeps traffic in the printer’s data stream low, resulting in a faster printing process.

Functions used to transfer picture information (pixel data) with maximum efficiency and speed.

Commands to create and to manage macros (such as electronic forms and multi-page printing).    

Commands for producing the customer‘s personalized printable characters, such as firm logos, signatures, and special fonts.

SEM (Simultaneous Emulation Management) allows several different print languages to be active at the same time as IDOL. SEM permits the user to insert IDOL commands into a data stream run by a different language, such as PCL 5e. With SEM, a user can control a mailbox with IDOL while he is generating overlay forms using Prescribe, for example. Since Microplex printers support several emulations at the same time, different applications based on different printer languages can be run without making any changes in the printer’s configuration.


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